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Klang Club

During the Japanese Occupation (1942-45), the Klang Club was used as a recreational mess for Japanese army officers stationed in Klang and Port Swettenham. Fortunately, it survived the ravages of war and escaped without any damage for the duration of the war.

Following the return of the British in 1945, it became once again the centre of European leisure time activities in Klang. Up to the attainment of independence by the Federation of Malaya in 1957, it remained a "European Only" club whereby the members were European planters, businessmen and professionals and British Civil servants and military personnel. The President of the Klang Club was usually the District officer or the Senior police officer. elected as President.


For history lovers Morib is also home to a wealth of historical sites. There are the ruins of old government buildings and the royal graves at Jugra, including an abandoned palace from the 1800's. Allied Forces also landed on this stretch of beach in September 1945, marking the end of the War.

Approximately 1 1/2 hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, it is the perfect place for some quiet, peaceful relaxation.

Surrounded by whispering casuarinas and swaying palms, you can comb the beaches of Morib during low tide, searching for seashells or watch small crabs scuttle away and disappear into the sand. You can even spread out a mat and settle down to a picnic lunch beside a shady casuarina grove. This was my Hometown.

Twin Tower

Here are some interesting facts about the Petronas Towers:
- combined the towers have 1,000,000m2 of floor space;
- at the 41st and 42nd level a skybridge connects the two towers 170m/558f above the ground.
This bridge is 58.4m/192f long, weighs 750 tons and is open for the public since the end of 2000.
The entrance is free (closed on Monday!), but only a limited amount of timed tickets (800) is given out each day.
Chances are you will have to wait in line quite a while, before you get such a free ticket;
and you're only allowed on the bridge for a mere 10 minutes. Worth it?
Maybe, but instead a visit to the observatory of Menara Kuala Lumpur is much more interesting,
though there is an entrance fee there (of RM15);

formula 1

Malaysia has long had ambitions to join the countries hosting international motor sport and the country now has a circuit worthy of hosting both the F1 and FIM Motorcycle Grands Prix.

The Sepang Circuit has raised the standards for all other circuits since it the inaugural Formula 1 race in 1999. Some 64 km south of Kuala Lumpur the Pekeliling_Malaysia_history.Sepang International Circuit has put Malaysia on the Formula 1 Map. The track can accommodate up to 130,000 spectators at a time.

The Sepang Circuit has been specifically designed to encourage overtaking, being very wide and containing at least four slow corners following long straights. The other 10 corners are medium- to high speed. Those characteristics lead to the brakes having a hard time, while cars also need plenty of traction to accelerate away.

Penang Bridge

The Penang Bridge is no doubt one of the many architecture wonders of Penang. Ranks as the longest bridge in Asia and 5th largest in the world, the iconic bridge that took 5 years to complete was the beloved bridge for
every Penangtes. It marks the new milestone that brings Penang closer to the world attention.

Kuala lumpur

The name "Kuala Lumpur"  means "muddy  river" and was given to the city by the miners, who made a  settlement around 1860. 

The miners and merchants were in search of pewter and built their houses on the banks of the Gombak river and the Klang river. There  both rivers meet.

Nowadays the Jame Mosque is situated on this place.
This metropolis in Malaysia has about 2 million inhabitants and has many modern  buildings.




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